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Going through hot flashes associated with menopause is uncomfortable enough. When you also have to struggle with unbearable vaginal side effects, you’re in even more discomfort. By getting treatments with the MonaLisa Touch® vaginal laser at Women’s Healthcare Associates of Santa Monica, vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse soon becomes a thing of the past. This Santa Monica, California, practice, under the guidance of an expert team of OB/GYNs, offers this minimally invasive procedure to women who have uncomfortable vaginal issues. Get started on your treatments by booking your appointment online or calling the office.

MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser

How does MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser work?

Going through a minimally invasive treatment with the MonaLisa Touch laser is a lot like a simple pelvic exam or Pap smear: You simply lie back and relax with your feet up in stirrups.

Dr. Blumenfeld inserts a small probe into your vagina, which delivers gentle laser energy into your vaginal walls. This energy stimulates collagen production and tissue healing, restoring your vaginal walls, and making them more elastic and naturally lubricated.

Will I need multiple sessions with MonaLisa Touch?

Most women need about two to three sessions to achieve their best results, although you might need more if you have a complex case.

Plan on scheduling your sessions roughly four to six weeks apart, which is just enough time to give your body time to heal and rejuvenate between sessions. Since the appointments are quick, you can get in and out on your lunch break.

Which conditions can my doctor treat with MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser?

MonaLisa Touch is most beneficial for menopausal women or women who are experiencing uncomfortable side effects of menopause — or perimenopause. Treatments are beneficial for women who struggle with:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Vaginal looseness

Are MonaLisa Touch vaginal treatments painful?

You’re likely going to feel some warmth and possibly slight vibrations, but you shouldn’t be in any pain. Plus, because the treatment only lasts a few minutes, any awkward sensations you do feel are brief.

You can go right back to your normal daily activities, although you should refrain from any penetrating sexual activities for two to three days after your treatment.

When will I notice results after a MonaLisa Touch vaginal laser treatment?

Most women report noticing an improvement in vaginal elasticity and lubrication within several days of their first treatment. Your results continue to improve over the weeks following your session.